Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Vintage Children Images and some more ATCs

Thought I'd post a few vintage images for you to use as you wish in your artwork - they're from my collection of cabinet cards, two feature babies and the third a young child. 

I've many more vintage images (of ladies, gents, children and family groups) so I'll continue to post pics from my collection every so often - in fact, I have plans to feature some of them in the next monthly swap.  (The butterflies are flying in now for the current swap and lovely cards they are too, so if you want a chance to receive some beautiful ATCs yourself then there's still time to sign up).

A few days ago I lost a chunk of tooth (a back wisdom tooth) whilst eating a sandwich - I felt a bit of a crunch and thought it was eggshell, but apparently not - it must've been the old filling coming out - yuck!  Anyway, it meant a trip to the dentist the next day for a rather large filling and as a consequence over the past few days I've been feeling very sensitive with my teeth, trying to avoid anything too "crunchy" and taking painkillers as it's still very achey (just hope it settles down)! 

As a consequence, I've not spent as much time as I'd have liked working on atcs and journal pages.  But here are a few pics of the ATCs I've managed to create in the past week - some were for a monthly swap on one of my Yahoo groups, we have a new partner each month and swap three cards (any theme).  The other cards are extras I've made for my swapping stash. 

These three cards were sent to my partner Liz for the March swap.

"Fill Each Day with Joy"

"Nature's Beauty"

"Paris Passion"


I've treated myself and booked onto THREE workshops that my sister Lindsay is running at Dawn Bibby's Design Studio in Oswaldtwistle - I've promised to behave myself and not heckle at all *LOL*.  Well, everyone always looks like they're having such a good time in the pictures Lindsay posts on her blog and I wanted to join in the fun myself too.  The workshops I'm signed up for are her Mirror Frame in April, a Secret Canvas in June and Rangers Techniques and ATCs in July (check out this link to Dawn's shop if you want to book on any of the workshops).  I'm really looking forward to them!


  1. Hi Heather

    Hope the tooth is feeling better? Lovely images, thanks for sharing them. I would love you to describe how you made one of the ATC's - I, as a beginner, would appreciate that.

  2. Heather, I love "Fill each Day with joy" awesome ATC!!

  3. Loving the ATC's all gorgeous....just sometimes I wish I still lived in Lancashire!!! I'd love to do the Mirror class...have fun :)
    Thanks for the images too

  4. Great ATCs, Heather and a big thank you for sharing those images too. Hope the tooth feels better soon.

    Helen x